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One Agenda
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Kingdomatik Vizionz Creative Studios

Capturing Your World... Through A KINGDOMATIK Lens!

Kingdomatik Vizionz Creative Studios specializes in quality HD video production & photography services. We offer Indoor/Outdoor services with professional green-screen shootings for photoshoots and video production. Our services include live concert events, music videos, interviews, documentaries, weddings, sports events, church services or events, family and baby portraits, pet portraits, parties, modeling and business headshots, runway events and much more! We also offer graphics & design services for all of your promotional and visual need.

Here at Kingdomatik Vizionz Creative Studios, we aim to give you nothing but the BEST quality product at affordable prices!

If you are looking for any of the services we provide please contact us with details of your request and let us assist you with your visual needs. "Your Solution for Creative and Affordable Visuals"

One Agenda Apparel

One Agenda Apparel

Welcome to One Agenda Apparel where we boldly rep CHRIST through fashion! One Agenda Apparel is created for different people with the same AGENDA! Here at One Agenda Apparel, our aim is to influence those around up who may not walk in the faith as we do through creative and innovative designs.

We believe that our brand will cater in setting a new standard and establishing a new culture in the fashion world by our BOLD Kingdom Apparel. Let us clothe ourselves in Kingdom attire and glorify our Lord and Father Jesus Christ with ONE MIND and ONE VOICE. (Romans 15:6)

The mission of One Agenda Apparel is simple, proclaiming the gospel and empowering the Body of Christ through faith-based products! So take a look at our merchandise and contact us to purchase or if you have any questions concerning the 1A brand.

The slogan: "Created for Different People With the Same Agenda"

School of Music

Mersy's School of Music & Percussion

Mersy's School of Music & Percussion is a program that trains students in percussion, song writing, artistry, stage presence and performance. Here at Mersy's School of Music and Percussion we are providing professional percussion lessons and classes for youth, early learners, through adults. Specializing in a wide range of techniques and concepts taught by an experienced and well-established music percussion instructor.

My main goal as a drum instructor is to teach and educate students in percussion all while maintaining a positive culture during every lesson. Young or old, female or male, all are welcome. If you or someone you know would like to take drum lessons, songwriting, or performance classes at affordable rates please contact us and lets get you or them registered for our next classes.

Kingomatik Lighting

Kingdomatik Vizionz Event Lighting Company

Kingdomatik Vizionz Creative Studios offers event and concert lighting for all of your lighting production needs! We are a privately owned and operated company that offers an array of LED lighting and smoke machine services for different types of events. We are a faith based business so we cater to all youth ministry events and concerts, Christian banquets and balls, weddings, receptions, music videos and much more! Here at KV Event Lighting Company we become your production partner and our aim is to take the load of lighting and visual ambiance off of your list of responsibilities.

We specialize in live event production and our gear rental team always shows up hours in advance to set up our visual and lighting equipment. We will not only provide the gear but will stay the duration of your event to maintain and operate all lighting and smoke activity. From still lighting that sets a warm atmosphere to moving lights, LEDs, and lasers our technicians will always aim to get the most versatility out of our equipment and assist you in an unforgettable live experience! Let us help you take your events to the next level with our top quality gear and services!

If you would like to book our services for an up and coming event click the "Contact Us" tab on the home page of this website and send a detailed message and someone will get in contact with you in a timely fashion to discuss details and make further arrangements. Thank you in advance for your business and for choosing Kingdomatik Vizionz Event Lighting Company.

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